Together, we can create a healthy climate today.

The world is starting to understand that we must act now to address climate change.

The current Administration:

  • Has pulled out of the Paris Climate Agreement.
  • Is dismantling the Clean Power Plan.
  • Is doubling down on building new fossil fuel infrastructure.

Even though Virginia’s coastline and cities are more vulnerable to the effects of climate change than anywhere else in the country besides New Orleans, it still lags far behind many other states in implementing progressive climate policies.

We have a short but real window of time to act. We have the knowledge, skills, and much of the technology we need to keep the Earth’s temperature from rising to catastrophic levels.

We're mothers working together to help mothers develop child-centered solutions around switching to clean energy and creating a livable climate. 


Join a Local Team!

Our movement is led by our local teams of dedicated volunteers, who determine their community's needs and choose their own goals. We empower them with training, coaching, and ideas to move their communities and states from dirty to clean energy.

Team members come together to learn, strategize, meet with elected and business leaders, testify at hearings, and plan and show up at rallies and other events. At the same time, they add to their team – and their power – by hosting house parties and engaging new people.

Our teams welcome volunteers at all levels - from those who feel called to help build a local team to those who only have time to sign a petition or attend an event. Knowing that it will take everyone to create a sustainable future for all children, we all do what we can.

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  • Upcoming events

    Saturday, June 06, 2020 at 10:00 AM

    One to One Meetings Training

    A one-to-one is a face-to-face conversation between two people and a great way to get an grow your team. The purpose of these one-to-one conversations is to increase involvement in the climate action with Mothers Out Front.

    During this training, we will learn how to motivate, spark interests the others, and identify next steps together. 


    Tuesday, June 16, 2020 at 07:00 PM · 6 rsvps
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    business case for green schools

    Did you know that Arlington's first zero energy school saves taxpayers $117,000 per year in energy costs? While we know that clean energy is good for the planet, it is also great for the economy and our wallets. Clean energy creates local jobs, results in cleaner air and saves taxpayers money in the long run. Zero Energy Schools also provide unique educational opportunities in science and technology to students.

    Please join us for “Making the Business Case for Green Schools”, on Tuesday June 16th at 7pm! Our special guests from VMDO Architects and Cathy Lin, Energy Manager of Arlington Public Schools will tell us about Virginia’s first zero energy school in Arlington and why green schools make economic sense.

    You will also hear from our organizers from Climate Action PWC and Mothers Out Front and have the opportunity to ask questions.

    Don’t forget to register to receive the zoom link to join!

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    Woodbridge Team Kicks Off Weekly Digital Strike

    In April, we began our virtual strike in collaboration with climateactionpwc and The Greater Prince William Climate Action Network. Our strike theme this week is People over Profit, and that means doing that by addressing the climate crisis and the coronavirus crisis.

    Over-development can lead to increased flooding and erosion in PWC, contributing to the larger issues of climate change and environmental destruction. Often the new developments don't commit to significant renewable energy or green initiatives. Residents are very aware and often push back, only to be voted over anyway. It's time we put people over profit and loosen the grip of real estate companies and fossil fuel companies in the county.

    We are asking our Board of County Supervisors to explicitly include in the county budget measures that will ensure a clean and sustainable environment for all.

    In addressing the COVID-19 crisis, local representatives must prioritize people over profit, especially supporting our gig/retail/service industry workers, medical workers and other at risk people by expanding social safety net programs, providing accessible health treatment and providing economic relief to PWC residents. #PeopleOverProfit

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