Together, we can create a healthy climate today.

The world is starting to understand that we must act now to address climate change.

The current Administration:

  • Has pulled out of the Paris Climate Agreement.
  • Is dismantling the Clean Power Plan.
  • Is doubling down on building new fossil fuel infrastructure.

Even though Virginia’s coastline and cities are more vulnerable to the effects of climate change than anywhere else in the country besides New Orleans, it still lags far behind many other states in implementing progressive climate policies.

We have a short but real window of time to act. We have the knowledge, skills, and much of the technology we need to keep the Earth’s temperature from rising to catastrophic levels.

We're mothers working together to help mothers develop child-centered solutions around switching to clean energy and creating a livable climate. 


Join a Local Team!

Our movement is led by our local teams of dedicated volunteers, who determine their community's needs and choose their own goals. We empower them with training, coaching, and ideas to move their communities and states from dirty to clean energy.

Team members come together to learn, strategize, meet with elected and business leaders, testify at hearings, and plan and show up at rallies and other events. At the same time, they add to their team – and their power – by hosting house parties and engaging new people.

Our teams welcome volunteers at all levels - from those who feel called to help build a local team to those who only have time to sign a petition or attend an event. Knowing that it will take everyone to create a sustainable future for all children, we all do what we can.

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  • Upcoming events

    Monday, August 26, 2019 at 07:00 PM · 2 rsvps
    Chinn Regional Library in Woodbridge, VA

    pwc meeting

    Can Prince William County schools really have solar on their roofs? Won't it cost them millions?

    You'll have the answer to these and many more questions when you join our next meeting on Monday!

    We will have a special guest speaker, Susan Stillman from Sierra Club, who will share with us the path to success of the Solar in School campaign in Fairfax county, and what will it take to make it a reality in PWC. So come armed with questions and a curious mind!

    Tuesday, August 27, 2019 at 06:00 PM
    CoLab Roanoke in Roanoke, VA

    Climate Justice in the Valley

    Join Mothers Out Front and Roanoke Valley Family (formerly Growing up in the Valley) for a Family Talk presentation on Climate Justice. Details Below. (Childcare is available for 2+ potty-trained children)

    Climate Justice in the Valley: How the Climate Crisis Impacts Our Children's Future

    Presenter: Desiree Shelley, Climate Justice Organizer, Mothers Out Front - Roanoke / Southwest Virginia

    Through this discussion and interactive workshop, parents and caregivers will gain an understanding of both the present impacts of climate change on our communities as well as what lies ahead in our future. Participants will watch a series of short video clips and engage in a group activity that illustrates how climate change will impact our environment and living circumstances over the next 10 years. After the video, we will dig deeper into the climate crisis by examining climate justice issues in Virginia such as increased rainfall, flooding, storm water, air pollution, water pollution, food scarcity, public health impacts, utility regulation and infrastructure and more. The second part of the workshop will focus on solutions and taking action. We will look at a few local examples and case studies that illustrate local campaigns mothers have taken in other areas of Virginia and potential campaigns for our region. We will also discuss actions that individuals can as well as small scale community projects such as energy efficiency, solar projects, community gardens, etc. The workshop will conclude with a listening session where parents can voice some of their own concerns about the climate crisis, changes they have noticed and threats to public health and sustainability that are impacting their children and family. Participants will be given the opportunity to brainstorm climate solutions relevant to their community. Participants will be introduced to local actions being taken and opportunities to get involved by attending events and volunteering with climate action initiatives.

    Come learn more with us at the Family Talk!

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    Community members and school board reps consider electric school buses

    VA - Mothers Out Front Fairfax County makes the news again as they call for healthy, electric school buses! 

    VIENNA, Va. (WDVM) — Mothers Out Front Fairfax, a chapter of the national climate group, wants the Fairfax County School Board to ditch its diesel fueled school buses in exchange for electric school buses; the healthier choice for the kids, and for the environment.

    “We have the second-largest fleet in the country, so if we make this change it’s going to make a real impact on the entire country’s emissions,” said Bobby Monacella, co-leader of Mothers Out Front Fairfax. “It’s just important, I think, for everyone in Fairfax County to reach out to the school board and let them know that they care about this.”

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