Thank these Hampton Roads legislators for committing to a 100% clean energy Virginia!

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When our lawmakers make the right decision for our families and our communities, it’s important that we show our support. Thank these lawmakers for committing to a 100% Clean Energy Virginia and we’ll deliver your message. 

Hampton Roads Legislators

  • Senator Monty Mason (District 1)
  • Senator Mamie Locke (District 2)
  • Senator Lynwood Lewis (District 6)


  • Delegate Kelly Fowler (District 21)
  • Delegate Steve Heretick (District 79)
  • Delegate Don Scott (District 80)
  • Delegate Nancy Guy (District 83)
  • Delegate Alex Askew (District 85)
  • Delegate Jay Jones (District 89)
  • Delegate Joe Lindsey (District 90)
  • Delegate Martha Mugler (District 91)
  • Delegate Mike Mullin (District 93)
  • Delegate Shelley Simonds (District 94)

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Carrie Kroehler
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Victoria Wright
Cherylene Straus
Richard Starke
Cathryn Starke
Golden Carter

Dear Assemblymember,

Virginia wind and solar energy cut power bills, create jobs, and clear the air of deadly pollution. Virginia needs to push forward for a safe and healthy environment for our families and our communities. Thank you for making the commitment to Virginia's superpower: 100% Clean Energy.


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