Thank these Hampton Roads legislators for committing to a 100% clean energy Virginia!

When our lawmakers make the right decision for our families and our communities, it’s important that we show our support. Thank these lawmakers for committing to a 100% Clean Energy Virginia and we’ll deliver your message. 

Hampton Roads Legislators

  • Senator Monty Mason (District 1)
  • Senator Mamie Locke (District 2)
  • Senator Lynwood Lewis (District 6)


  • Delegate Kelly Fowler (District 21)
  • Delegate Steve Heretick (District 79)
  • Delegate Don Scott (District 80)
  • Delegate Nancy Guy (District 83)
  • Delegate Alex Askew (District 85)
  • Delegate Jay Jones (District 89)
  • Delegate Joe Lindsey (District 90)
  • Delegate Martha Mugler (District 91)
  • Delegate Mike Mullin (District 93)
  • Delegate Shelley Simonds (District 94)

After you sign, you'll also have an opportunity to send a person email to the legislators of your choice!


Who's signing

Carrie Weston
Judy Hinch
Victoria Wright
Cherylene Straus
Richard Starke
Cathryn Starke
Golden Carter
7 signatures

Dear Assemblymember,

Virginia wind and solar energy cut power bills, create jobs, and clear the air of deadly pollution. Virginia needs to push forward for a safe and healthy environment for our families and our communities. Thank you for making the commitment to Virginia's superpower: 100% Clean Energy.


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