NEWS: What will it take for Virginia to get all-electric school buses?

Mothers Out Front Fairfax County are in the news and credited with raising the sense of urgency for a transition to Electric School Buses for Delegate Mark Keam.

After the Fairfax County chapter of Mothers Out Front brought the issue to Keam’s attention, he began to view the matter as equally urgent.

“I have two kids, one with severe allergies and seasonal asthma. I never put two and two together about the health impacts of using diesel school buses,” he said. “We’re exposing a lot of kids to one of the most toxic fuels on the roadway: diesel.”

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Virginia Bill Would Create Electric School Bus Grant Program

Mothers Out Front Fairfax County are #inthenews again!

"HB 1140 was written with input from the Fairfax County team of Mothers Out Front, an organization that works to protect communities from the effects of climate change, WSET reports. The team is planning an event in Richmond to call for state legislators to support the bill on Jan. 21, according to its Facebook page."


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Virginia advocates want to improve Dominion’s electric school bus plan

With concerns from allies and Mothers Out Front Fairfax County that legislation backed by Dominion Energy to replace 1,050 dirty diesel-powered school buses won’t move fast enough;

“...grassroots organizations have countered with their own bill that addresses their chief concerns of climate change and children’s health by offering a pot of money for massive diesel-to-electric bus conversions by 2030 to school districts both in and beyond Dominion’s territory.

“On the whole, electric school buses, no matter how we get them in the state, are awesome,” said Bobby Monacella, co-leader of the Fairfax County chapter of Mothers Out Front. “But we saw a gap with the Dominion program and this is how we wanted to fix it. We want schools to be thinking about a plan.”

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NEWS - Fairfax County to get first zero-emission electric school buses

Mothers Out Front in Fairfax County are #inthenews with their #CleanBuses4Kids campaign!

After years of urging county officials to take more substantial action to address climate change, local environmental advocates expressed excitement about FCPS introducing electric buses to its fleet.

The Fairfax County chapter of Mothers Out Front, a national climate justice advocacy network, launched a Clean Buses for Kids campaign to bring electric school buses to FCPS last August, just days before Dominion announced its statewide initiative.

“We applaud any addition of clean buses to Virginia’s fleet, and we are very happy that FCPS was awarded part of the Dominion pilot,” Mothers Out Front Fairfax County said in a statement. “At the same time, we will continue to advocate for a complete and equitable transition of Virginia’s school bus fleet by 2030.”

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VA 100% Clean Energy Lobby Day

Charlottesville leaders, together with allies, travelled to Richmond today to talk to their legislators about clean energy.


VA_100percent_Clean_Energy_Lobby_Day_20200114_5418.jpg    VA_100percent_Clean_Energy_Lobby_Day_20200114_5421.jpg


NEWS VIDEO - New bill would help replace diesel school buses with electric

Mothers Out Front Fairfax County are in the news with a #VIDEO report from WDVM about the Electric School Bus campaign! #CleanBuses4Kids

FAIRFAX COUNTY, Va. (WDVM) — Last fall, Fairfax County sealed a dealwith Dominion Energy to replace its diesel school buses with electric by 2030, thanks to the effort of Mothers Out Front Fairfax.

On Monday [Feb. 13], Mothers Out Front declared its support for Delegate Mark Keam’s (D-Va 35) bill, introduced in the Virginia House of Delegates last week, that would incentivize school districts across the state to make the switch to electric by 2030.

Mothers Out Front Fairfax Co-Leader Bobby Monacella says there are four times more school buses than transit buses in the United States. Fairfax County is home to the country’s second largest school bus fleet.

UPDATE on HB1140 - Electric School Buses by 2030

Congratulations to Mothers Out Front Fairfax County for being in the news!

Virginia Delegate Mark Keam has filed a bill that would convert diesel school buses to electric by 2030. House Bill 1140, which was drafted with significant input from Mothers Out Front, sets up a new block grant program which would allow school districts to seek funding to help replace their current diesel school buses with electric ones, as well as expenses for infrastructure support, according to a press release from Mothers Out Front.

“Transitioning from diesel to zero-emission buses will have a measurable positive effect on our children’s health and their future in the face of climate change,” said Delegate Keam, a Democratic lawmaker representing Fairfax County in the state legislature. “I want to thank Mothers Out Front for working with me on this sensible solution that protects our kids’ health while addressing the climate crisis.”

Letter Urges Virginia Democratic Legislators to Aggressively Address the Climate Crisis

Published by Blue Virginia, this letter to Democratic legislators is from 350 Alexandria, 350 Fairfax, 350 Loudoun, Climate Reality Project-NoVa Chapter, Earth Rise Indivisible, Food and Water Watch, Greater Prince William Climate Action Network, Mothers Out Front (Fairfax), Mothers Out Front (Prince William), NoVa Climate, Progressive Democrats of America-Virginia Chapter, Our Revolution-Alexandria, Our Revolution-Arlington, Our Revolution-Falls Church, Sunrise Movement Fairfax, Transparent GMU


Dear Democratic Legislators:

To adequately address the climate crisis in the 2020 legislative session, we believe you must do the following:

–WORK TOGETHER.Put aside regional and ideological differences–and any possible influence of special interests–and all agree to take several decisive actions:

–MANDATE THE MOST RAPID, FEASIBLE TIMETABLE POSSIBLE FOR CONVERSION TO RENEWABLE ENERGY FOR THE GENERATION OF ELECTRICITY.  DC has committed to 100% generation from renewablesby 2032. Virginia currently gets 30% of its electricity from nuclear, so it should be able to produce the other 70% carbon-freerenewable energy(that is, solar, wind, geothermal) by 2032—and then phase out nuclear as soon as possible—no later than 2040.

Richmond leaders meet with Rep. Spanberger

Mothers Out Front Richmond leaders Carrie Pruett and Beth Kreydatus met with Rep. Abigail Spanbeger on Saturday, December 14th, along with other climate groups to discuss pressing concerns around climate and the environment.


Students lead Fairfax County’s first climate strike

Fairfax county students #inthenews for the first climate strike in their county, supported by Mothers Out Front Fairfax County:

A hush settled over the students clustered around the stage of Vienna’s Town Green on Dec. 6 for Fairfax County’s first official climate strike.

They remained there in silence for 10 full minutes, one for each year that the United Nations believes humanity has left to save the planet from the most devastating effects of climate change.

Organizers originally planned to conclude the morning’s rally with that moment of silence, but when a ringing alarm signaled that 10 minutes had lapsed, they asked if their fellow protestors wanted to march down Maple Avenue and received an enthusiastic, affirmative response.

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