Electrifying Momentum Toward Electric Buses (Fairfax County, Virginia, edition)

Mothers Out Front Fairfax County is taking the news by storm with the launch of their Electric School Bus campaign!

With over 1600 school buses, the Fairfax County Public Schools (FCPS) has the second-largest school bus fleet in the nation (after New York City). With the recent RFP (request for proposal) to put solar on 130 County buildings (majority of these schools), the County is taking steps to clean up its electrons. The school bus fleet represents a ripe opportunity for Fairfax to take a leap forward to ‘electrify everything’.  With this in mind, a group of FCPS mothers organized Mothers Out Front Fairfax County earlier this year and have made electrifying the FCPS bus fleet the centerpiece of their efforts.

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Electric School Buses-TV interview with Bobby Monacella, Fairfax County Mothers Out Front co-leader

Check out Fairfax County co-leader, Bobby Monacella, explain why Mothers Out Front is excited about the Electric School Bus Campaign! Bobby is interviewed right at the beginning.


NEWS: “We need to take action:” Hampton Roads climate strike in Virginia Beach demands change

Mothers Out Front Hampton Roads/Virginia Beach are #inthenews and on #climatestrike, bringing together allies and supporters at the King Neptune statue in Virginia Beach. Watch the video in this news report and see Mother Out Front Golden Carter interviewed as well as Mother Out Front Ruth McElroy Amudsen in the quote below.



Mothers Out Front, in addition to organizing the event, encouraged attendees to register to vote, saying that if politicians who don’t believe in climate change are elected, nothing will change.

“If you don’t vote, you can’t change anything,” argued Ruth McElroy Amudsen, a volunteer with Mothers Out Front. “Take action. Don’t just go to meetings and talk about what you might do — do something.”

Amundsen posed a summarizing question to a round of cheers.

“The climate is changing — so why aren’t we?”

Cheap Renewables Could Make 90% of Proposed Gas Power Plants — and Many Pipelines — Obsolete by 2035

Check out DesmogBlog's coverage of the Applied Economic Clinic's report, sponsored by Mothers Out Front. The truth is we don't need the methane gas supplies that the utilities are claiming we do.

Take, for example, the Atlantic Coast pipeline, a project that would cross West Virginia, Virginia, and North Carolina, and was originally projected to cost roughly $4.5 billion (a price tag which has spiraled up to roughly $7.5 billion as the project has run aground in court challenges, with Moody’s Investor Services downgrading the project to “credit negative” in February).

A report in January by the Institute for Energy Economics and Financial Analysis questioned the need for the entire project, predicting that demand for natural gas would be eroded by cheap renewables and observing that most of the companies planning to ship gas on the pipeline were actually affiliates of the pipeline’s own sponsors.

In July, 18 Virginia lawmakers wrote to FERC, urging the commission to suspend federal authorization for the pipeline, arguing that developers had failed to show the pipeline was neeeded. 

That argument was potentially bolstered this week by the publication of a report focused on a proposed extension of the Atlantic Coast pipeline to Hampton Roads, Virginia. The report was sponsored by Mothers Out Front, an organization focused on fighting climate change.

Dr. Elizabeth A. Stanton, director of the Applied Economics Clinic and author of the report, concluded that the local utility, Virginia Natural Gas, had overestimated demand for natural gas in the region. She noted that the utility’s estimates were five times higher than projections by energy consulting firm Wood MacKenzie.


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Media Advisory for September 10, 2019 

Contact: Josh Glasstetter at 202-905-2921 or


Telebriefing, New Report on Atlantic Coast Pipeline in Hampton Roads

Author of new report joins community members to evaluate case for Southside Connector


NORFOLK, VA. — On Tuesday, September 10, at 11 a.m., the author of a new report on the proposed Atlantic Coast Pipeline extension to Hampton Roads will participate in a telebriefing with local community members and leaders. Liz Stanton, founder and director of the Applied Economics Clinic, will be joined by Norfolk City Councilwoman Angelia Williams Graves and impacted community members, including a Berkley, Va. resident who lives on the proposed pipeline route.

The Applied Economics Clinic report set out to answer the question of whether Hampton Roads’ electric or gas supply is at risk without increased supply from a new gas pipeline. The report concludes that Virginia Natural Gas, a subsidiary of Dominion Energy, has ample gas pipeline capacity and has previously overstated future peak demand.

Local community members and leaders will provide their perspective on the report and the potential impact of the proposed pipeline extension.


WHAT: Telebriefing on Atlantic Coast Pipeline extension to Hampton Roads


  • Liz Stanton, founder and director of the Applied Economics Clinic, will unveil her new report, highlighting the key findings and methodology.
  • Susan Scerbo, a Chesapeake resident who has raised concerns about the pipeline, will provide her perspective on the report. 
  • Angela Howard, a Berkley, Va. resident, will speak to the potential impact of the pipeline extension on her life. She lives on the proposed route. 
  • Councilwoman Angelia Williams Graves(Ward 7) of the Norfolk City Council will speak about her concerns about the pipeline project.
  • Kim Sudderth, a Norfolk resident and senior organizer with Mothers Out Front, will moderate the call and Q&A.

WHEN: Tuesday, September 10 at 11:00 a.m. EST

WHERE: RSVP to Josh Glasstetter at josh@westendstrategy.comor 1-202-905-2921 for dial-in information.



READ THE REPORT by clicking below:

Mothers Out Front Fairfax Regarding Dominion Energy Plan to Replace Diesel School Buses With Electric


Contact: Tiziana Bottino, 


August 29, 2019, Fairfax, VA - Mothers Out Front Fairfax was pleased to be in attendance today as a sweeping Electric School Bus initiative was announced by Dominion Energy. The plan will put 50 electric school buses on the road in our state by next year and aims to have all diesel school bus replacements in Virginia be electric by 2030. Mothers Out Front Fairfax applauds Dominion’s initiative.

Mothers Out Front Fairfax has set a goal of transitioning Fairfax County Public Schools to all electric school buses as soon as possible, so Dominion’s announcement today is great news. This is an important, positive step toward giving our kids healthy air to breathe and a livable future in the face of climate change.

Local mothers call on FCPS to get onboard electric school bus initiative

More coverage for Mothers Out Front Fairfax County Electric School Bus initiative launch!

The budding Fairfax County chapter of the national advocacy network Mothers Out Front introduced itself to the larger community on Aug. 20 at Patrick Henry Library in Vienna by launching a Clean Buses for Kids campaign to bring electric buses to Fairfax County Public Schools.

“We felt like it was a great way to do something concrete and make a difference in our local area,” Mothers Out Front Fairfax County co-founder Bobby Monacella said. “…Fairfax can make a really big difference if we switch to electric school buses.”


Read all about it:

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Community members and school board reps consider electric school buses

VA - Mothers Out Front Fairfax County makes the news again as they call for healthy, electric school buses! 

VIENNA, Va. (WDVM) — Mothers Out Front Fairfax, a chapter of the national climate group, wants the Fairfax County School Board to ditch its diesel fueled school buses in exchange for electric school buses; the healthier choice for the kids, and for the environment.

“We have the second-largest fleet in the country, so if we make this change it’s going to make a real impact on the entire country’s emissions,” said Bobby Monacella, co-leader of Mothers Out Front Fairfax. “It’s just important, I think, for everyone in Fairfax County to reach out to the school board and let them know that they care about this.”

BLOG: Mothers Out Front!

Thank you to Al Markowitz for interviewing Mother Out Front Kim Williams from Virginia on the meaning of Mother's Day and what it means to be a member of Mothers Out Front!

I was invited by Virginia Organizing friends to attend the very first MOF House Party in Norfolk. I went to that party mainly to be supportive of the friends holding it. I told myself I was too busy to get involved, and that climate change was still far off and far away. Plus, I recycle and compost to do my bit for the earth, right? However, at that meeting a young woman asked me “so how has your life been impacted by sea level rise in Hampton Roads?”

Read the whole blog post here:

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NEWS: Dominion Energy touts its rate cuts instead of $1,000 rebates for SC customers

Mothers Out Front and allies are reported in the news regarding Dominion at the time of the shareholder meeting.

Activists said that the company won’t really embrace new technology until it vows to end its carbon emissions. “We have to get to net zero,” said Mary Cerulli of Boston, a member of the climate action group Mothers Out Front. 

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