Norfolk Team Testifies to the Dept. of Environmental Quality

Several members of Mothers Out Front spoke out last week at the Virginia Dept. of Environmental Quality Public Hearing to support Executive Directive 11 - to reduce and cap carbon emissions - and in support of bringing Virginia into the Regional Greenhouse Gas Initiative (RGGI).

We asked the DEQ to help draw down climate change by encouraging a reduction in carbon emissions but also asked that they consider lowering the cap as far as possible.

VIDEO: Watch Kim Miller testifying at the hearing on Facebook!

-Kim Miller, Community Organizer, Mothers Out Front



Mother says "Oppose repeal of Clean Power Plan"

Read the Letter to the Editor by Mother Out Front Kim Williams, Hampton Roads!


Kelsey_KimWilliams_WMOW2017_1000x633.jpgKelsey Wirth and Kim Williams in Washington DC for the Women's March, January 2017

"MOTHERS KNOW THAT their children’s needs come first. But does the current administration agree? Based on their terrible decision to repeal the lifesaving Clean Power Plan, I fear not. I am afraid that its mission isn’t for a livable climate for our children. Its mission is to make more profits for the polluters."

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Hampton Roads/Norfolk Team in the news!

Two members of the Norfolk/Hampton Roads Team, Team Leader Kim Williams and Theresa "Nia" Amoruso were interviewed and featured in a recent article in the local news site Southside Daily. They are speaking out against the proposed pipeline that will plow through parts of Suffolk. This pipeline threatens parks and water reservoirs along the proposed path.

“An active member of Mothers Out Front – an organization that exists in part to “influence decision-makers to make a swift and just transition from fossil fuels to clean, renewable energy” – [Theresa] Amoruso spoke quickly, even after the three-minute buzzer that alerted her time was up. 

‘The city of Norfolk and other regulators agree that boring pipelines under our priceless reservoirs cannot be assessed as completely safe, only as low-risk,’ Amoruso said, citing language used by the Federal Energy Regulatory Commission pipeline project assessment. ‘Why is any level of risk acceptable to our priceless water supply?’”

Hampton Roads Team Pipeline Tagging in Norfolk!

The Mothers Out Front Hampton Roads Team is working to increase awareness about fossil fuel infrastructure proposals in their communities:

Mothers Out Front spoke with our Norfolk neighbors about the dangers of the Virginia Natural Gas Southside Connector Distribution Line (pipeline), and its role as a potential feeder line of the fiercely opposed, proposed Atlantic Coast Pipeline. We began tagging the line, and will continue to do so along with impacted neighbors, and others concerned about the environmental perils of this and the other proposed fracked gas pipelines. To find out more about this campaign, and to join our efforts, please follow this link:



Coastal Voices Part 8: The Key is Prevention by Oceana

Published by Oceana:  Coastal Voices Part 8

"It was at a house party last year that Kim Miller learned more about the nonprofit Mothers Out Front and its members.

It was 'kind of like Tupperware parties, but instead of containers, it’s climate change we talk about,' she said. Soon after that party, she became an organizer for the group."

Read more:

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Georgetown-Chesapeake No Pipeline Rally

Mothers Out Front Hampton Roads came out to support the August 16th rally to resist a natural gas pipeline in the Georgetown neighborhood of Chesapeake, helping to spread the word about the threat to our families' and communities health from fossil fuel infrastructure.


VIDEO: Hampton Roads Postcard Delivery

Tidewater Virginia activists from MOTHERS OUT FRONT, an organization of mothers and others mobilizing for a livable climate, delivered a basket of postcards and cookies to Norfolk Mayor Kenneth Alexander urging him to commit our city to an over-arching goal of fully transitioning to renewable, carbon-free energy.



Norfolk, Virginia, like the other cities in Hampton Roads, is already experiencing the effects of climate change on a regular basis. In the video below, activist and mother Kim Williams explains the renewable energy mandate proposed by this covenant, as well as the urgency of this issue. Scientists tell us that we have a very small window of about 15 years in which to change our behavior to mitigate the most dire effects of climate change sure to impact our city and our world. Another activist and mother, Michelle Cook, explains the situation in her neighborhood, Tidewater Gardens, where children cannot get to school, or get there with wet feet and clothing, on a regular basis.

Delivering Postcards to the Mayor for Mother's Day 2017

A Sustainable Solution: Mothers Out Front (Ms. Magazine Blog)

Read the Ms. Magazine Blog on Mothers Out Front Hampton Roads, Virginia:

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In solidarity with Standing Rock Sioux tribe, dozens in Norfolk protest Dakota Access pipeline

"I've been following the folks at Standing Rock on the news and have been moved by what they're experiencing," said Kim Williams. "These are people who are fighting for their lives."

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