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Don’t let Dominion pull one over on Hampton Roads

Dominion is in trouble. It’s been five years since the company announced that it would build a high-pressure gas pipeline from West Virginia, across Virginia, and into North Carolina. Today, the proposed Atlantic Coast Pipeline (ACP) is broadly unpopular, 50 percent over budget (now a shocking $7.5+ billion), and two years behind schedule. 

Now, Dominion’s allies are asking Hampton Roads to endorse the ACP, without the full story about the pipeline being told.  

At its October 17th meeting, the Hampton Roads Planning District Commission will be asked to pass a resolution endorsing the Atlantic Coast Pipeline as necessary and beneficial for Hampton Roads. 

Let the Hampton Roads Planning District Commission members know they should not consider endorsing the costly, unneeded Atlantic Coast Pipeline until they have all the facts.


We ask that you contact one of these three members of the commission (by phone, email, tweet or in-person) and ask them to table this resolution until they can have a full hearing.

Virginia Beach Mayor Bobby Dyer



Norfolk Mayor, Kenneth Alexander 




Ella Ward, Chesapeake City Council 





Sample Email  Message or Phone Message: 

Dear [PDC Member],

As a mother, I know that the ACP is the wrong move for Hampton Roads. We must make the right decisions today in order to create a liveable climate for all children tomorrow. 

Before making a decision on this resolution, you and your colleagues on the Commission should hear both sides of the story, and the facts. There is no compelling need for the Atlantic Coast Pipeline in Hampton Roads. The extent to which Hampton Roads gas supply is constrained is unclear. If constructed, the natural gas delivered on the Atlantic Coast Pipeline is likely to be more expensive for area customers than other options. Better alternatives exist. Our children deserve better. 

Please table the Commission’s consideration of this pro-ACP resolution until the issue has been given a full, factual hearing by the Commission. My children and my neighbors’ children are counting on you. 


[your name]



Dear @HRGreen as @MothersOutFront we know that the ACP is not right for Hampton Roads. Please make a decision based on ALL the facts. The ACP doesn’t help our communities or our children. Table your decision until you have a full hearing! #NoACP #MothersPutFactsOnTheTable 


Show Up:

HRPDC Meeting on the Atlantic Coast Pipeline, Thursday, Oct 17th at 11:45 am at The Regional Building (723 Woodlake Drive, Chesapeake, VA 23320).

This Hampton Roads Planning District Commission meeting will be very important. One of the items on the agenda encourages the HRPDC to sign-on to a letter in support of the Atlantic Coast Pipeline. The following agenda item mentions the Offshore Wind project, so there will be plenty of opportunities to comment in opposition to gas and in support of wind. We will provide talking points will be provided for people who plan to make a comment. 

You may also email comments directly to Robert Crum, Executive Director of the HRPDC at

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