FRIDAY 5/12/2017 Call your State Senator and Senator Tom O'Mara

NYS mothers organizing to protect our state from the Bakken Oil Trains need your help in getting the Surety Bill (S1515) through the Senate. Once you've called, please do RSVP in the form below and leave a comment about your experience!! We'd love to know how many phone calls were made and your Senator's response to you, their constituent. 


  1. FIRST: Please call your State Senator and urge her or him to sponsor/support bill S1515 [talking points below]
  2. SECOND: Please call Senator Tom O'Mara, Chair of the Senate Environmental Conservation Committee and ask him to bring bill S1515 to the SEC Committee. [talking points below]
  3. THIRD: Invite your friends and networks to make these 2 calls as well!
  4. FOURTH: Go to this page and post a comment about how your call went!


  • If you have 1 minute: you will send a tweet or post about your action to Facebook. @MothersOut Front, #MothersProtectChildren, #MothersDay
    • This Mother’s Day, @MothersOutFront asks [@NAME OF SENATOR] to [SUPPORT BILL S1515]. #MothersProtectChildren #MothersDay
  • If you have 3 minutes: you will take a picture and post it on Twitter and Facebook
  • If you have 10 minutes: search #MothersProtectChildren and retweet all the tweets you see
  • If you have 20 minutes: you will post a video on Twitter and Facebook, and then share and retweet other mothers’ posts


  • Bakken Oil Trains travel through New York State daily, carrying explosive fracked oil from the Bakken shale in North Dakota.
  • All Bakken Oil is exported for consumption out of NYS.
  • If one of these trains derails, as they have in 14 other communities, NYS taxpayers and property owners pay for all costs: emergency response, clean-up, and reconstruction.
  • New York law requires shippers of hazardous material going by water to prove up front that they can cover the liability of a catastrophic accident. 
  • The NY Assembly has passed bills 3 times to extend this requirement to railroads.
  • The NYS Senate has never held hearings or let bill S1515 out of committee (Senate Environmental Conservation Committee)


  • “I am a ______ (voter, mom, public health professional) and i’m asking you to support Senate Bill 1515. This bill has passed the Assembly 3 years in a row and ensures that shippers-by-rail of hazardous materials, including Bakken Oil provide proof of surety/liability coverage in the case of accident.
  • Currently NYS Taxpayers and property owners are on the hook for the clean up in the event of a spill. None of the Bakken oil shipped through the state will stay here. Companies that ship hazardous materials over state waterways must provide proof of coverage, why shouldn’t rail companies?
  • It is urgent that you support this bill because the legislative session ends in June.
  • Please pass our message on to  Senator Tom O’Mara, the chair of the Senate Environmental Conservation Committee and urge him to allow a vote to bring the bill out of committee for voting in the entire senate.


  • I am calling in honor of Mother’s Day.
  • Please support Bill S1515 by committing to sponsoring it if you are not already doing so.
  • I am calling as a member of Mothers Out Front.
  • I am a (mother, sister, aunt, father, teacher, grandmother etc.)  concerned about climate change and our children.
  • I think Bakken Oil is unsafe to ship by rail and/or unsafe for our climate future.
  • I believe strongly in individuals and corporations taking responsibility for the problems they create through poor choices, and not sticking those on the taxpayer.


  • Adirondacks/Plattsburgh/North Country 
    • Senator Betty Little, member, Senate Environmental Conservation Committee, official position on bill S1515 is not known.
      • Glens Falls Office: (518) 743-0968
      • Plattsburgh Office: (518) 561-2430
      • Albany Office: (518) 455-2811
      • Email: [email protected]
  • Rochester 
    • Senator Rich Funke, member, Senate Environmental Conservation Committee, does not support bill S1515
      • Rochester area (Fairport): (585) 223-1800 
      • Albany office : (518) 455-2215
      • Email: [email protected]
    • Senator Robach: position on bill S1515 is not known
      • Rochester office: (585) 225-3650
      • Albany office: (518) 455-2909
      • Email: [email protected]
  • Southern Tier
    • Senator Tom O'Mara, Chair, Senate Environmental Conservation Committee, does not support bill S1515
      • Elmira office: 607-735-9671
      • Albany office: 518-455-2091
      • Bath office: 607-776-3201
      • Email: [email protected]
  • Hudson Valley
    • Senator Terrence Murphy - position on bill S1515 is not known
      • Carmel office: 845-225-3025
      • Shrub Oak office:  914-962-2624
      • Albany office: 518-455-3111
      • Email: [email protected]
  • Long Island
    • Senator Marcellino - member, Senate Environmental Conservation Committee: position on bill S1515 not known
      • Oyster Bay office:  (516) 922-1811
      • Albany office: (518) 455-2390
      • Email: [email protected]


May 12, 2017 at 10:00am - 2pm


Call your State Senator!

Will you come?

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