Climate Strikers: 4 Things You Can Do Next

To everyone who participated in the climate strike yesterday--THANK YOU. Thank you for supporting a huge global movement. You have made history and you have contributed to the betterment of our planet. I bet you’re feeling inspired and hopeful, and maybe a little pleased with yourself for doing something good. Rightly so! Massive public displays motivate action in our governments and communities. It is a crucial part of creating change on a large scale.

But don’t let this be your semi-annual deed of activism. There is so much more involved in creating the systemic change we need. And while we are not all famous politicians nor do we have the power to personally influence large governments, we do have power over our communities and the decisions of our local governments and institutions.

If you want to take the momentum you’re feeling from yesterday’s strike and turn it into something more, here are four things you can do next as a Mothers Out Front RVA member

1. Attend Our House Party this Tuesday, Sept 24 at 6:30-8:30pm in the Bon Air Neighborhood

Email Colleen at [email protected] to RSVP and receive the exact address.

2. Let Us Know Your October Availability for the Next Team Meeting

Participate in this Doodle Poll so we can schedule the next meeting at a time when the most volunteers are available.

3. Check Out Our New Webpage

We just launched the Mothers Out Front RVA webpage! Be sure to share with anyone you think may be interested.

4. Like & Share Our Social Media Pages & Posts

Some of our accounts are brand new! So we need help getting them off the ground. Liking and sharing our page and each post increases visibility. You can also tag @mothersoutfrontrva on Facebook and Instagram for us to share your own posts, or @mofrva on Twitter.




Once again, thanks for coming out to the Climate Strike. You're fantastic. I hope I'll see you at our next meeting!

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