Cool the Arctic and the #CROWN Mobilization for Climate

CROWN is an acronym for Climate Restoration Ongoing Worldwide Now. Climate restoration is our most urgent mandate, and restoration of the Arctic ice is the most urgent mandate in that.
Record low Arctic ice happening right now is directly responsible for more powerful storms, more massive wildfires, and the other severe weather events we are witnessing this year, 2020. This is because the extreme loss of Arctic ice has led to a change in the jet streams, which has changed weather patterns worldwide.
Loss of Arctic ice also leads to a decrease in the albedo effect, or simply the amount of sunlight that is reflected by the ice. Instead, more light is entering the oceans, which leads to further ice melting, and warmer oceans. It is a feedback loop, and a driver of sea-level rise.
The massive amounts of melting Arctic permafrost is also releasing methane into the atmosphere. There is a vast store of methane in the permafrost that was not accounted for in the ICCP carbon budget due to a modeling error. (Basically the thawing was expected to happen over decades, which would allow a vegetative layer to form, which would have sequestered carbon; instead, “rapid thaw” of Arctic ice is forming thermokarst lakes, which are already bubbling out methane.)
The mission of the CROWN Mobilization is to focus AWARENESS on saving the Arctic ice, and EDUCATION about what ACTION we can take now to achieve that goal, and the wider goal of climate restoration ongoing worldwide NOW.
The good news is that the pillars of climate restoration will also lead to a renewal of the face of the Earth. Worldwide reforestation and regenerative agriculture will re-green the planet. A complete moratorium on fossil fuel extraction will lead to creation of a renewable energy infrastructure which will lead to a huge number of high-paying jobs. And the massive mobilization needed to save the Arctic ice will mandate a collaboration between countries only seen before in times of world war, except this time it will be a peaceful, triumphant effort of the human spirit!
We can still prevent future climate and societal collapse, and in the process renew the Earth and reinvent society. The key is that we begin in a big way, right now, this year, this decade. This is the moment. And we are the ones here. 


November 10, 2020 at 7:00pm - 8pm




Tess Amoruso · · 757-575-8569


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