Electrifying Momentum Toward Electric Buses (Fairfax County, Virginia, edition)

Mothers Out Front Fairfax County is taking the news by storm with the launch of their Electric School Bus campaign!

With over 1600 school buses, the Fairfax County Public Schools (FCPS) has the second-largest school bus fleet in the nation (after New York City). With the recent RFP (request for proposal) to put solar on 130 County buildings (majority of these schools), the County is taking steps to clean up its electrons. The school bus fleet represents a ripe opportunity for Fairfax to take a leap forward to ‘electrify everything’.  With this in mind, a group of FCPS mothers organized Mothers Out Front Fairfax County earlier this year and have made electrifying the FCPS bus fleet the centerpiece of their efforts.

Read the whole story:

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