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Lights Out, Dominion!

Join Us in a 24-hour Lights-Out Fast in Support of Putting the Lights Out on Dominion’s Fracked Gas Compressor Station in Virginia.

Dominion plans to build a large compressor station complex in the middle of Union Hill, a majority African American community. Many residents are descendants of freedmen who bought plantation lands where they had been enslaved to build Union Hill. Click here to learn more about this polluting project: Friends of Buckingham Virginia

Let’s turn off our lights for 24 hours on Tuesday, Dec. 18th through Wednesday, Dec. 19th (5pm-5pm) and let Dominion know by posting on Facebook, joining our tweet storm, or posting on Instagram to spread the world about why you do so! Click here to RSVP to the Facebook event and register here to join the power fast.

One way to show your support is tweeting or posting a candlelit #selfie during #LightsOutDominion!

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Help us put the lights out on Dominion’s unjust compressor station!

Here’s how to help, whether you can attend the vigil, turn off your lights, or not:

If you have one minute, find the #LightsOutDominion #WeAreAllUnionHill hashtags and retweet or share tweets or posts.

If you have two minutes, tweet using the hashtag #LightsOutDominion #WeAreAllUnionHill and tagging @MothersOutFront, @VAIPL, @GovernorVA, and @DominionEnergy. You can write your own message or use our samples below.

If you have five minutes, take a selfie and tweet it, explaining why you don’t want any more fossil fuel development, but investment in renewables right now. Remember to use the hashtag #LightsOutDominion #WeAreAllUnionHill and tag @VAIPL, @MothersOutFront, @GovernorVA, and @DominionEnergy.

If you have ten minutes, do all three!


On Twitter tag @DominionEnergy, @GovernorVA, @VAIPL, and @MothersOutFront

On Instagram tag @DominionEnergy, @GovernorRalphNortham, and @mothers.out.front.

On Facebook tag @DominionEnergyVA, @GovernorVA, @VAIPL, and @mothersoutfront



I’m saying #LightsOutDominion because we don’t need or want your Union Hill compressor station. Why should we ratepayers be on the hook for $6.5B to pay for your pollution? @MothersOutFront @GovernorVA @DominionEnergy @VAIPL #WeAreAllUnionHill


[email protected] wants toxic fracked gas Union Hill complex bc they think no one cares about this historic African American community. I do! #WeAreAllUnionHill Turn lights off 12/18-19 & say #LightsOutDominion on injustice & compressor station @VAIPL @MothersOutFront @GovernorVA


@DominionEnergy we won't pay for environmental racism & 295,686 tons of CO2 equivalent emissions from your compressor station.12/18&19 lights off to say no to climate change & environmental racism. #WeAreAllUnionHill  #LightsOutDominion @MothersOutFront @VAIPL @GovernorVA


I pay @DominionEnergy bill; their compressor station could cost people their health. Fracking communities in West VA already pay that price. Join #LightsOutDominion 12/18&19 to reflect on true cost of fossil fuel electricity. #WeAreAllUnionHill @MothersOutFront @VAIPL @GovernorVA



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Thank you for adding your voice to ours for the sake of Union Hill and all frontline communities!


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