NEWS: “We need to take action:” Hampton Roads climate strike in Virginia Beach demands change

Mothers Out Front Hampton Roads/Virginia Beach are #inthenews and on #climatestrike, bringing together allies and supporters at the King Neptune statue in Virginia Beach. Watch the video in this news report and see Mother Out Front Golden Carter interviewed as well as Mother Out Front Ruth McElroy Amudsen in the quote below.



Mothers Out Front, in addition to organizing the event, encouraged attendees to register to vote, saying that if politicians who don’t believe in climate change are elected, nothing will change.

“If you don’t vote, you can’t change anything,” argued Ruth McElroy Amudsen, a volunteer with Mothers Out Front. “Take action. Don’t just go to meetings and talk about what you might do — do something.”

Amundsen posed a summarizing question to a round of cheers.

“The climate is changing — so why aren’t we?”

See the whole story:

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