SCC: Delay VNG Header Project Hearing

Tell the State Corporation Commission to Reject the Header Project 

The Header Project consists of 20+ miles of proposed pipelines, 3 compressor stations and will cost $20.75 million for customers. Compressor stations emit toxic air pollutants, endanger rivers and streams, and threaten the homes, schools and worship centers of many communities.

The project will supply dirty gas to the plants planned for Charles City County. If the SCC approves this pipeline project, Virginia ratepayers will be expected to pay towards the cost of three new compressor stations and over 2 dozen miles of new pipeline. While this project would benefit investors in the gas plant and fossil fuel industry, it doesn't benefit local customers and it jeopardizes the health, safety and climate future of our children while fence-line communities will be left with air pollution, water supply issues, and eminent domain battles.

Ordinarily, we would be encouraging you to attend the May 12th public hearing at the SCC, but given the COVID-19 stay-at-home orders, we encourage you to attend the hearing virtually (instructions below). 


So, we are asking you to act now to demand that the SCC reject VNG's Header Project application. 


Here's how just a few minutes of your time can help: 


Submit a Comment to the SCC



I'm writing as a concerned citizen seeking to participate in Virginia's regulatory process. I intended to participate in the public hearing the "Header Improvement Project" proposed by Virginia Natural Gas (application number PUR-2019-00207), on May 12th. The SCC is tasked with only approving just and necessary projects that benefit Virginians, and there is no need for the Header Improvement Project or for any new gas infrastructure. PJM, a regional transmission organization for our region, has found that Virginia’s energy load growth is “nearly flat,” proving that no new gas infrastructure is needed to meet energy demand. Further, delays in the Mountain Valley and Atlantic Coast pipelines have seen both pipelines miss their operational dates without disruption to power to Virginians, demonstrating that even that infrastructure is not needed, much less new infrastructure like the Header Improvement Project.  

For these reasons and especially during this health crisis, the SCC must reject the Header Improvement Project.


Tell Your State Representative to Oppose the Project

All Virginia State legislators are encouraged to join the senator and delegates who have already called for the SCC to deny the certificate of necessity. Here's a sample email you can send your representative:


Hello Delegate/Senator X,


I’m writing to ask that you publicly oppose Virginia Natural Gas’ Header Improvement Project.  This project is unnecessary to meet Virginia’s energy demands and would threaten the air, water, and health of countless Virginians.  It would also lock ratepayers into the cost of expensive gas infrastructure while hindering investment in safe renewable energy, which is seeing decreasing costs and the fastest growing jobs in the country, and which is crucial for addressing climate change.

I urge you to make a public statement in opposition to the Header Improvement Project.


Sincerely, [Your name and information]”


Join the Social Media Movement

  • Post on your social media using #HIPCheck hashtag. Sample language and graphics linked below
  • Tag as many of the major players involved. 
    • On Twitter: 
      • @VAStateCorpComm 
      • @VaNaturaGas @SouthernCompany
      • @GovernorVA, @RalphNortham, @AGMarkHerring 
      • Reporters:: @SarahVogelsong @patrickmwilson
    • On Facebook: 
      • @VirginiaStateCorporationCommission 
      • @GovernorVA, @ralph.northam, @markherringva, @AGMarkHerring


  • Check the #HIPCheck Hashtag and Retweet others 
    • Particularly check out @geoyapti, @
  • And tag key Virginia legislators, too: 
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. @VAStateCorpComm - do the right thing, deny the permits for the #HeaderInjusticeProject. #HIPCheck

. @VaNaturalGas can’t prove necessity and there is no public good; @VAStateCorpComm deny the permits for the #HeaderInjusticeProject. #HIPCheck

  • What’s the #HeaderInjusticeProject? It’s the biggest Virginia pipeline build-out you HAVEN’T heard of. Why? @vanatural is trying to sneak it through during a pandemic. Demand the @VAStateCorpComm deny this  permit. #HIPCheck
  • What’s the Header Injustice Project? @VaNaturalGas is hoping you haven’t heard of these pipeline projects slated for majority low-income and POC communities. Say NO to more pipelines. @VAStateCorpComm #HIPCheck
  • SAY NO to more pipelines. & compressor stations. Say NO to the Header Injustice Project! 
  • 68 streams and rivers. 150+ acres of wetland. That’s the land impacted by the proposed pipelines for the Header Injustice Project.  @VAStateCorpComm MUST delay the comment process until the public can give proper input. #HIPCheck 


  • Virginia Natural Gas is hoping you haven’t heard of their Header Improvement Project. This set of interconnecting pipelines and compressor stations would disproportionately impact black and brown communities - so we’re calling it the Header INJUSTICE Project. Demand the @VirginiaStateCorporationCommission postpone this public hearing until the COVID-19 crisis is over! #HIPCheck 
  • What’s the Header Injustice Project? It’s the biggest Virginia pipeline build-out you HAVEN’T heard of. Why? Virginia Natural Gas is trying to sneak it through. The  @VirginiaStateCorporationCommission is supposed to have a hearing on April 28th about this fracked-gas project. SCC - Say No to the HIP #HIPCheck  
  • SAY NO to more pipelines. Say NO to the Header Injustice Project! We demand the @VirginiaStateCorporationCommission postpone the hearing on this fracked-gas project until Stay at Home orders are lifted! 
  • 68 streams and rivers. 150+ acres of wetland. That’s the amount of land impacted by the proposed pipelines we’re calling the Header Injustice Project.
  • Virginia Natural Gas wants to build more pipelines… and wants customers to foot the bill for $20.75 million in construction. We say NO to these pipelines and NO public hearings during a pandemic! #HIPCheck


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  • Kim Williams
    commented 2020-04-27 14:44:24 -0400
    Thanks for making this process easy!
  • Pete Perry
    commented 2020-04-24 12:46:20 -0400
    I filled it out and submitted! Not allowing for a full and safe participation of impacted communities is an entirely illegitimate process.