In Norfolk, where the land is sinking while the sea level rises, regular flooding, higher tides, more intense storms, and saltwater infiltration are disrupting residents’ lives on a regular basisMothers Out Front organizer Kim Miller launched our first Virginia community team there in March 2016. The diverse team brings together mothers who are scientists, stay-at-home parents and community activists working side by side on two local campaigns:

  • Safe Crossings aims to create safe routes to school for children living in areas that frequently flood

  • Signatures from our cities to join the Global Covenant of Mayors to start taking action against climate change and moving to a low carbon society

We are looking for mothers who want to host house parties in their home, church, or local community center. Or join one of our teams led by motivated moms! If you want to find out more about hosting a house party, fill out this short form or contact Kim Miller at [email protected].

VIDEO:  Norfolk, VA knows all too well the risks we face due to sea-level rise.  Mothers Out Front Norfolk attended a kickoff for a new study being done by the U.S. Army Corp of Engineers to work with the community to come up with solutions.

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