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Mothers Out Front is proud to support our allies, Friends of Buckingham County, VA, in their campaign to make sure the DEQ represents the people of Virginia:

We need your help to support this campaign online TODAY and through the week! A House vote to confirm David Paylor as Directory of the Department of Environmental Quality may happen at any time.


In 2006, David Paylor was appointed as Director of the Department of Environmental Quality by Gov. Tim Kaine, a job he has held since. His appointment is being renewed by Governor Northam and his confirmation could happen this week. The Senate approved his confirmation on Monday, January 21st and now it is up to the House.

In the time he has held this office, Paylor has shown that his priorities are not with the people of Virginia, but with the executives of oil and gas companies. He has consistently worked against the public good by undermining all evidence of health risks and environmental jeopardy for new fossil fuel infrastructure projects. The work already accomplished to protect our air and water quality, stop unnecessary fracked gas pipelines and protect against climate change could be undone if David Paylor remains the DEQ Director.

Help us change the course in Virginia; take action with us online to increase the pressure.

What you’ll do on social media…

  • If you have 1 minute: you will send a tweet (copy one above and edit it with your words)
  • If you have 3 minutes: you will take a picture and post it on Twitter with your tweet.
  • If you have 20 minutes: you will post a picture on Twitter, and then retweet other’s posts with the Hashtag #TakeAPassOnPaylor.
  • If you have 30 minutes: You can do a selfie testimonial video (<1min) about why this is important or take a quick video as you go into the General Assembly meeting if you're there and share it on Twitter! Add your comments!



Target Twitter Handles to include in your tweets:  

@GovernorVA (Ralph Northam) (Note: if this is the first thing in your tweet, put a period in front it: [email protected])



Please tag @FriendsofBucki1 and @MothersOutFront so we can retweet, too.

And Find your House Delegate's Twitter account to tag as well!

Hashtags to use: 








Tweet: Using your own words helps to get more reach.

Retweet:  Adding your own comment to a retweet increases its impact.

Visuals:  If you have any pictures to add, that helps also.



  • .@VaHouseDo I have to tell my children that our delegates care more about gas executives than our communities and our families? #ProtectVAPassOnPaylor @MothersOutFront @FriendsofBucki1


  • .TAG YOUR ASSEMBLY DELEGATE and add this: Our kids deserve clean air and water. We need you to VOTE NO on David Paylor's confirmation for Director of the @VirginiaDEQ, because that department needs to protect, not pollute. #TakeAPassOnPaylor @MothersOutFront @FriendsofBucki1

  • .TAG YOUR ASSEMBLY DELEGATE: The @VirginiaDEQ should serve the people of Virginia and should protect our air and water. We can't depend on that if David Paylor is Director. #TakeAPassOnPaylor #ProtectVA @MothersOutFront @FriendsofBucki1

SAMPLE MEME: (right-click to download to your device and share.)



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