Tell Dominion We Want Action & Hope this Mother's Day


We're launching a campaign to hold Dominion Energy accountable to ratepayers and the health of all Virginians! For our children, for our communities and for a livable climate, sign the petition today and please share with five friends.


Dear Dominion Chairman Thomas Farrell,

This Mother’s Day, we don’t want flowers or chocolate. We want a livable climate for all children. There are only 11 years to act before climate destabilization becomes irreversible. It’s time to:


  • Commit to total decarbonization by 2050
  • Make your low income energy program real — put mothers on an advisory board and make a real plan to help Virginians
  • Stop new development of pipelines


We ask you to join us in this moment, so action and hope intersect to create a just and livable world.


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    there is power in solar, the more the merrier and the happier your female customers
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    Sign the petition: Tell Dominion We Want Action & Hope this Mother's Day
  • Kim Williams
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    Kim Williams