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Help Mothers Out Front at the Air Pollution Permit Board Hearing for the Chickahominy Power Station (CPS)


On June 21st at 10:00 a.m., Virginia’s Air Pollution Control Board will be reviewing a permit for the largest natural gas power plant in Virginia, and one of the largest in the United States. Join us in say NO CPS.

Proposed by the Northern Virginia firm Balico, Chickahominy Power Station is slated to be up and running by 2022, and it would generate more than 1600 MW of energy using fracked gas piped across the state from the Marcellus shale region. Based on Balico’s own projections, the Chickahominy power plant will emit nearly six and a half million tons of carbon every year. Virginians are already threatened by sea level rise and extreme weather from climate change; investing in new fossil fuel infrastructure will accelerate this crisis.

The rural community of Charles City County is largely populated by minorities: 40% of the area’s population identifies as African American and 19% identifies as Native American. While the DEQ claims that this permit has nothing to do with environmental justice, it’s clear that this poor rural community has been chosen strategically.



We need a lot of attention on this project during the Air Permit hearing. Please help us boost this online, whether you can show up at the hearing or not.

If you have one minute, find the #MothersSayNoCPS hashtag and retweet or share tweets or posts.

If you have two minutes, tweet using the hashtag #MothersSayNoCPS and tagging @MothersOutFront, @VirginiaDEQ, and @GovernorVA. You can write your own message or use our samples below.

If you have five minutes, take a selfie and tweet it, explaining why you don’t want any more fossil fuel development, but investment in renewables right now. Remember to use the hashtag #MothersSayNoCPS and tagging @MothersOutFront, @VirginiaDEQ, and @GovernorVA.

If you have ten minutes, do all three!



Virginia is already threatened by sea level rise; why would we add 6 and a half million tons of carbon with a huge new power plant? #MothersSayNoCPS to protect all children. @GovernorVA @VirginiaDEQ @MothersOutFront



The @VirginiaDEQ says it’s just a coincidence that the proposed HUGE power plant in Charles City County would disproportionately impact minority communities. @MothersOutFront says we know environmental racism when we see it. #MothersSayNoDEQ @GovernorVA @VirginiaDEQ



ICYMI we’re in a climate crisis. Why is the @VirginiaDEQ trying to make it worse with a giant power plant? There should be no air permits for polluters in a climate crisis! #MothersSayNoCPS @GovernorVA @MothersOutFront



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