UPDATE on HB1140 - Electric School Buses by 2030

Congratulations to Mothers Out Front Fairfax County for being in the news!

Virginia Delegate Mark Keam has filed a bill that would convert diesel school buses to electric by 2030. House Bill 1140, which was drafted with significant input from Mothers Out Front, sets up a new block grant program which would allow school districts to seek funding to help replace their current diesel school buses with electric ones, as well as expenses for infrastructure support, according to a press release from Mothers Out Front.

“Transitioning from diesel to zero-emission buses will have a measurable positive effect on our children’s health and their future in the face of climate change,” said Delegate Keam, a Democratic lawmaker representing Fairfax County in the state legislature. “I want to thank Mothers Out Front for working with me on this sensible solution that protects our kids’ health while addressing the climate crisis.”

See the whole story here:

[embedlycard url="https://wset.com/news/at-the-capitol/virginia-delegate-proposes-bill-to-convert-diesel-school-buses-to-electric-by-2030"]

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